Tue, 02 Sep 2014 14:37:31 EDT Video purportedly shows beheading of reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS
BREAKING NEWS: A NEW VIDEO PURPORTING to show the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff, seen left, has been released online by ISIS, according to global intelligence organization SITE.
  • VIDEO: Report: Video shows beheading of US reporter by ISIS
  • VIDEO: State Dept. briefing
  • Source: Obama given detailed briefings for a year on rise of ISIS
  • US needs new policy on ransoms, says reporter who escaped Taliban
  • VIDEO: Lack of presidential leadership during crises abroad?
  • US targets al-Shabaab leader
  • STARNES: YouTube yanks pastor's ISIS message, cancels account
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     Tue, 02 Sep 2014 14:37:31 EDT POLITICAL STAR FADING? Wendy Davis struggles to catch GOP rival in Texas
  • VIDEO: Is Wendy Davis' political star fading in Texas?
  • OPINION: Dems and the dream of Wendy Davis win
  • FOX NEWS FIRST: Is Obama writing off the Senate?
  • VIDEO: Dems in denial about prospect of losing Senate?
  • FULL COVERAGE: Midterm elections

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